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I am curently working on updating Gentoo/SPARC for 32bit support on sun4m. I currently have a working chroot and will be building stage3 images with catalyst and hosting them here.
Chase Rayfield - Contact #gentoo-sparc nick: cb88

Gentoo/SPARC Experimental ISOs

Bootable Sparc32 ISO (credit: linmag7)

Bootable Sparc32 ISO (Latest/Prefered)

Gentoo/SPARC Experimental Stage1

Stage1 2014-06-28 (Download)

Gentoo/Sparc Experimental Stage2

Stage2 2014-06-28 (Download)

Gentoo/Sparc Experimental Stage3

Stage3 2014-06-28 (Download)

Additional Notes

Gentoo Portage does not currently provide a sparc32 profile so you must convert the sparc (aka sparc64) profile to suite. I intend to provide a script to do this at a future time. Or reintroduce sparc32 support in mainline portage. For the time being do the following. Grap a "sparchacks" snapshot from the snapshots link at the top of the page.

  • Copy this make.defaults to ${PORDIR}/profiles/arch/sparc/
  • Mask the following flags "gcc64 vis ultra1" in ${PORTDIR}/profiles/arch/sparc/use.mask
  • Comment out kgcc64 in ${PORTDIR}/profiles/default/linux/sparc/13.0/packages "#*>=sys-devel/kgcc64..."
  • Comment out the folllowing "../../../../features/32bit-userland" from ${PORTDIR}/profiles/default/linux/sparc/13.0/parent
  • Added the 2.6.32-r41 gentoo-sources and switched the file to EAPI 5 as it is fairly stable on Sparc32
  • Notes from testing: use parted, fdisk is broken at least in QEMU.

  • Want to test drive but don't have Sun hardware?

    Build QEMU yourself or Grab a copy of qemu from here if on Windows:
    QEMU Windows builds
    Download and isntall qemu into a directory.
    Download the latest sparc32 iso from the links above.
    Make sure to save it in the folder where qemu is for simplicity.
    Open a commandline and change to the folder you intend to run qemu from.
    You can then boot iso with ./qemu-system-sparc -cdrom install-sparc-minimal-20140620.iso -boot d

    If you want to install to a disk you will need to create a disk image.

    Stack of Sun Workstations